Greenville Business Community Comes Together to Conquer COVID-19

Thursday, December 10th, 2020

The Greenville business community came together last week to discuss the impact of COVID-19 and to fight back against the virus with a joint blood and convalescent plasma drive benefitting The Blood Connection. During the event held at Hubbell Lighting’s headquarters, Hubbell Lighting Vice President of Human Resources Garth Warner and the Greenville Chamber of Commerce Board Chair Rich Hagins offered insight on how the pandemic has affected area businesses and what they have done to respond.

This event is the latest in The Blood Connection’s “Turn Positive into a Positive” campaign, which was designed to educate the public on the efficacy of and need for convalescent plasma as a potentially lifesaving treatment for COVID-19. Convalescent plasma, or plasma obtained from the blood of those who have recovered from the virus, contains COVID-fighting antibodies. While not a cure, convalescent plasma transfusions are among the most effective therapies and have been proven to achieve an immune system boost, shortening the span of the illness and decreasing the severity of symptoms, especially those requiring hospitalization or breathing support.

“We know that a healthier community leads to a more robust economic recovery, and this is why today’s event matters so much,” noted Hagins. “Although vaccines are forthcoming, it is important that we engage business leaders and advocates in shaping recovery efforts, building resilient local economies and creating opportunities for everyone in the community to thrive. With that in mind, I urge every area resident, every employee, employer, and business owner to remain vigilant in their efforts to fight the virus and to visit to learn more about how they can give the precious and lifesaving gift of blood or plasma.”

At this safe and socially distanced event, Hubbell welcomed its own employees and donors from across the city, including Charlie Mayfield, the principal of J.L. Mann High School. Mayfield recovered from Coronavirus in early spring and has donated convalescent plasma eight times to date. Each convalescent plasma donation can save up to four lives, so Mayfield calls his ability to pass on COVID-19 antibodies to others his “superpower.”

Warner added, “While COVID has robbed us of the chance to be together physically, we’ve learned that togetherness can be as much a state of mind as a physical state. In this spirit of unity, Hubbell is proud to bring the Greenville business community together to help fight back against COVID, but more important than fighting against something, we are fighting FOR something – for our neighbors, our friends, our livelihoods and for getting back to normal.”