Greenville Technical College’s Center for Manufacturing Innovation Launches Business Incubator

Wednesday, March 8th, 2017

Greenville Technical College’s Center for Manufacturing Innovation has launched a Manufacturing Business Incubator. With economic development a key part of the CMI mission, business incubator space is intended for firms that can make use of the hardware in the building, collaborate with students and faculty, and eventually grow into their own facility or begin commercial production after the prototyping or start-up phase.

The first participating companies at the site are Medical Beam Laboratories and Constructis LLC. South Carolina Research Authority, SCRA, is assisting these companies, as SC Launch client companies, with funding to cover their initial term at the CMI Manufacturing Business Incubator. 

Constructis is leading research and development in kinetic energy. When vehicles roll over the company’s patent pending energy capture system, they depress rumble tubes, where motion and mass energy are converted into electricity. The system is climate resilient and can produce clean energy after installation in roadways, airports, toll booths, border crossings, weigh stations, parking lots, and other applications where vehicles are slowing down and collecting.  In addition to harvesting electricity, Constructis will also test sensory systems for permanent traffic solutions, including vehicle weights and measures, improve traffic lighting based on volume flows instead of timed lights, and provide Wi-Fi in a networked smart grid system for communities. 

Medical Beam Laboratories, LLC is developing solutions for medical radiation therapy that will overcome common limitations. They offer the first advanced robotic radiosurgery system that combines real-time, image-guided technology with a precision robotic treatment head that generates multiple finely collimated gamma radiation beams. This allows for treatment of tumors with uniquely arranged radiation sources rotated around the target, better dose concentration at target areas, low dose absorption by surrounding healthy tissue, sharp dose fall-off at tumor boundaries, dose volume shaping and dose intensity modulation.

In addition to incubator space, CMI is assisting with the growth of manufacturers in the region by offering a number of services.  The advanced manufacturing lab is open to local firms. They can lease access to machines or work with CMI faculty to produce prototypes or finished products and explore new methods of production.  A sophisticated range of equipment includes Haas CNC machining centers, a full complement of precision measuring equipment and a state-of-the-art coordinate measuring machine, a 3-D metal printer in partnership with Renishaw, and a variety of multi-jet and other conventional 3-D printers.  CMI also houses a wide variety of mechatronics equipment including robotic arms, hydraulic and pneumatic trainers, and a factory simulation system.