GoodTwice Launches New eCommerce Clothing Site

Wednesday, July 12th, 2017

Three local companies have come together to create a new eCommerce website for GoodTwice, which provides excellent condition secondhand name-brand clothing, shoes, and accessories. combines the unique skills of three Greenville companies: the GoodTwice leadership team, Solutions ITW, and 3Fold Creative. GoodTwice employed 3Fold Creative for core brand development and the creative plan for the website. Solutions ITW built the website, including the complex filtering algorithms.

The new company enables fast, cost-conscious shopping that is good for the planet, said Elias Bustos, Solutions ITW’s CEO.

“An online presence is vital in today's economy if a business is going to reach the global market and not just their own zip code,” he said. “Solutions ITW had the pleasure of partnering with GoodTwice and 3Fold to create a fun, fashionable marketplace for thrift that reaches all sorts of zip codes.”