Serendipity Labs Names Corie Miller as Lab Manager

Staff Report From Greenville CEO

Wednesday, September 5th, 2018

Downtown Greenville’s newest co-working space, Serendipity Labs, has selected Corie Miller as Lab Manager.

A graduate of North Greenville University in 2010, Miller has had quite a career in planning events as well as working for the City of Greenville. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in theatre, Miller landed a job as the wedding and event planner for The Cliffs Valley. In 2013, Miller left the Cliffs’ community and started work as the sponsorship sales and public information manager for the events department at the City of Greenville.  Prior to the new role at Serendipity Labs, Miller has been the event sales specialist at Larkin’s Catering for the past three years.

Miller has been involved within the Greenville community for the past 13 years helping with events such as Fall for Greenville and planning charity events at local centers around the city. Miller also volunteers with the Parks and Recreation department for charity sports events and supports the City of Greenville Police Department on community involved dinners and luncheons. Outside of putting in volunteer hours, Miller has been featured in Talk Magazine for a hospitality and design piece, Allseated’s blog for how-to plan sentimental events and has been awarded the Team Lead in Customer Service for four months in a row.

“Greenville has always been my home,” said Miller. “ I am thrilled to jump right into the role at Serendipity Labs and bring my experience to the table.”