High Spirits Hospitality Awards Employees for Hard Work and Dedication

Staff Report From Greenville CEO

Wednesday, February 27th, 2019

High Spirits Hospitality recently honored employees with new a company award platform.

The local hospitality group is celebrating its eight year of prosperous business. To mark such a special occasion, High Spirits Hospitality wanted to recognize the hard work of the employees that have helped get the company to where it is today.

Liquid Catering Team Player of the Year: Bethany Carter

Bravo1 Fast Starter Award: Sarah Bork

Liquid Catering Above and Beyond Award: Lindsay Draus

Bravo1 Above & Beyond Award: Alex Owens and Tyler Swords

Topside Customer Whisperer: Carol Lance

Topside Calmer of Storms: Emily Harris

Standing Ovation: Kathy Harris

Rookie Bartender of the Year: Letitia Ard

Security Officer of the Year: Jim Pitts

Bartender of the Year: Kim Hayes

Manager of the Year: Spring Bills

“Hard work should never go unrewarded or unnoticed,” said Tammy Johnson, High Spirit Hospitality’s chief executive officer. “My team is full of talented, hard workers that deserve to be recognized for the strengths that they bring to the table.”