Innovative Cloud-based Tech to Rapidly Increase COVID-19 Testing Capacity Across The US

Staff Report From Greenville CEO

Friday, April 3rd, 2020

OnGen, an advanced laboratory information management system (LIMS) is helping laboratories to increase their testing capacity and provide testing results at an unprecedented rate during the COVID-19 outbreak. The OnGen platform enables testing orders to be entered and communicated directly to laboratory instruments for integration between labs, hospitals and physician's offices. Because this software so effectively streamlines workflow during testing, laboratories like Premier Medical Laboratory Services, (PMLS), the first commercial laboratory to be validated in South Carolina for COVID-19 testing, have reported a drastic expanse in their testing capacity. PMLS has announced that they are increasing their testing capacity from 1,000 tests per day to 28,000 per week with the use of OnGen.

"At a time when every day is progressively changing and unpredictable, we realize the importance of implementing the most advanced technology to provide efficient and accurate results so healthcare providers can rely on us," Kevin Murdock, Founder of Premier Medical Laboratory said. "OnGen has exponentially aided in our ability to do that."

With an escalating number of COVID-19 cases in the US, the accessibility to laboratories that can process a high volume of molecular diagnostic testing is paramount. When laboratory personnel enter data manually it's time consuming and limiting to the amount of tests that can be processed daily. OnGen automates the data entry process, quality control, scheduling, and billing, expediting COVID-19 testing and other laboratory testing processes so that labs like PMLS can manage an unprecedented influx of testing samples. OnGen invites laboratories across the country to increase testing capacity with higher accuracy and reliability using their LIMS to battle this global crisis and meet increasing testing demands.

"Our team developed the OnGen platform with scalability to enhance any laboratory's testing volume while maintaining FDA and CDC regulations," said Ryan Piper, President & CIO at OnGen. "The cloud-based technology that the platform employs is a ground-breaking solution to the laboratory infrastructure shortage that our country is facing with COVID-19 testing."

OnGen integrates seamlessly with any electronic medical record system (EMR) that hospitals and physicians' offices currently use. Conveying COVID-19 laboratory assays online with modules that provide real-time results, OnGen allows medical professionals to easily and efficiently gather data for a large amount of patients. Laboratories can drastically expand their workflow and bring COVID-19 testing to more of the people that need it in their efforts to help flatten the curve of the pandemic.

OnGen LIS:

Is fully HIPAA compliant

Can seamlessly work with any Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system

Has a physician outreach portal to ensure doctors can freely access information for their patients

Allows administrators to set multiple levels of access so unauthorized access of patient information is blocked

Includes modules that automate quality control, scheduling, testing and billing

OnGen is dedicated to supporting the laboratories and healthcare facilities that use OnGen LIMS from onboarding of the program to continuous technical support to ensure that clients can always prioritize patient care and be assured they always have the latest technology to assist in that goal.